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    Discovering how stomach cancer spreads Gastric cancer targeted therapy, Recent research offers previously unavailable opportunities to make substantial progress in GC therapy.

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    Targeted therapies have revolutionized GC treatment, but benefit remain limited, with sintomi papilloma virus femminile a few months increase in overall survival.

    The current challenge is the proper stratification of patients, in order to implement an adequate sintomi papilloma virus femminile, and to identify primary and acquired resistance to treatment.

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    sintomi papilloma virus femminile As such, this project focuses on the valorification of the research infrastructure of the partners. Results could have a major importance in the field of gastric cancer therapies, gastric cancer targeted therapy to an improved quality of life and overall survival of GC patients, by translating scientific results in new opportunities of personalized treatment.

    Main objective THERRES is an extremely ambitious and innovative project, focusing on the association of immunotherapy with molecular oriented drugs in gastric cancer, gastric cancer targeted therapy a modern method of treatment.

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    The project aims to implement a new classification system to distinguish between gastric cancer subtypes and to characterize regulatory molecules of immune function immune checkpoints Specific objectives: Objective 1: Identification of biomarkers and potential therapy targets in GC subtypes defined on the basis of recent genomic classifications Objective 2: Identifying response and resistance biomarkers to standard anti-HER2, anti-MET and anti-VEGF therapy in GC Objective 3: Characterizing vascular sintomi papilloma virus femminile particularities in GC, including the gastric cancer targeted therapy on immune checkpoints in GC subtypes.

    As a key result, the project will generate instruments to guide treatment decisions and help in the papillomavirus vaccine is of GC patients through a personalized approach.

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    The result of the present project will contribute to improving the performance, quality and international visibility of Romanian scientific results in gastric cancer targeted therapy oncology field. Institutul nostru are o veche traditie in patologia dificila cardio-vasculara, hepatica, renala, digestiva, hematologica, etc.

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    La inceput de mileniu III specialistii sintomi papilloma virus femminile Institutul Clinic Fundeni sunt pregatiti sa abordeze asemenea probleme nu numai prin prisma practicii de zi cu zi, ci si sub aspectul cercetarii fundamentale.