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Giardia poop toddler

It has a general watery consistency, but the frequency is the most important defining attribute.

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Diarrhea is undoubtedly exhausting for a parent, but for a child, the actual danger is the dehydration caused due to diarrhea. A simple way to understand dehydration is to think of your child's body as a box.

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As long as flui In developed countries, no matter how copious the diarrhea is, giardia poop toddler rarely leads to dehydration because of easy availability of various solutions. My daughter has started teething due to which she tends to put everything in her rectal papilloma. I was really happy seeing my child grow but at the same time nervous about the infections she could catch.

Also, her temperature was a little higher and she used to cry out giardia poop toddler.

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I understood it was diarrhea. She recovered very well and very fast.

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Being a doctor myself, I recommend it to everyone having infants. My daughter is all healthy, hearty and smiling! So am I!

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Kunal Chawla, a professor and a doting father shared his giardia poop toddler about how he managed to take care of his child in the absence of his wife. Consumption of sweets in high amounts is a part of his meals.

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Once he ate a lot of sweets altogether which resulted in diarrhea. I panicked as my wife was also out of town.

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I called her immediately on what to do how to do! She told me to go to the first aid box and take out an ECONORM sachet, mix it with water or add it to any solid food item and give it to him. Two sachets of econorm are enough for at least five days.

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I did so and in just two days he showed great improvement. Now I never stop him from eating sweets.

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I just see to it that there are sufficient sachets of Econorm with me, always.