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Anthelmintic agents target


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    Rom J Ophthalmol ; 63 4 : Article En MEDLINE ID: mdl Glaucoma represents the main anthelmintic agents target of irreversible blindness in the world and for this consideration, the interest in a quick and precise diagnosis and progression of the disease, anthelmintic agents target to the appearance of irreversible damage, has been continuously rising.

    Glaucoma risk factors are already well anthelmintic agents target, but current studies reveal that it is necessary to make a proper analysis of the intraocular pressure IOP to obtain an accurate diagnosis, so we must take into consideration corneal properties that might affect IOP measurements.

    Starting from corneal geometrical properties represented by central corneal thickness CCT and continuing with biomechanical properties represented by corneal hysteresis CH and corneal resistance factor CRF we reviewed the value of investigating corneal properties in ocular hypertension OHprimary open angle glaucoma POAG and normal tension glaucoma NTG patients.

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    We can now say that CCT plays an important role in diagnosing glaucoma because it may mask the real value of the IOP and also, in setting the target for the IOP needed to anthelmintic agents target disease progression. Also, CH is a factor that needs to be screened from the first consult of a glaucoma patient or suspect because it is correlated to the response to treatment, visual field VF and retinal nerve fiber layer RNFL progression and could anticipate the future evolution and patients prognosis.

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