Paraziții - O Zi Ca Oricare Alta lyrics + English translation

Parazitii feat margineanu


    papilloma seno b2 câte zile rămân viermii după pastile

    I constantly evoluate like the filth in detergent When i reach onei return back to zero I'm reborn in force, smoky and cheerful Same as the Phoenix bird from his own shit I chained the bitch, classy, and i bounced I symbolically tossed the sheave in the piss I put the car in the tree I broke the key in contact How i stayed? How much i stayed?

    parazitii feat margineanu tratarea viermilor de tenă

    Is unexplainable, I stay a simple soul, abandoned in sin If i fuck you in your butt or mouth, is the same shit I'm without complexes, on a shy background Parazitii feat margineanu librarians might say i'm parazitii feat margineanu I'm my hero, again, all i say is wall When i'm smoked, i look awake When i'm awake, i look soaked in vid I don't need to present myself I represent with succes the wasted time!

    I represent with succes the wasted time!

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    It's a fucked' parazitii feat margineanu day like any other day Idon't give a fuck, I'm cold like a frosty mug Nothing works, but life's good Hangout drinking, i don't give a X2 I don't giveeee, I don't give I don't giveeee, I don't give a fuck i don't papillomavirus vaccine a Life is short when you have a broken heart My dick's outside, trimmed and sucked Expecting you to call.

    Come on suck'it!

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    I'm the same pig!! I've tried a period to become better" Now it's very, very clear that was not possible I'm training intensively at the bottom of my beer I parazitii feat margineanu my bellynot my chest, i got 7 more nights Drinking with my homies at nightfall I'm not coming back, parazitii parazitii feat margineanu margineanu The scavangers can fuck you!!