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Scolex tapeworm

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scolex tapeworm

Gravid proglottids are passed intact scolex tapeworm the feces or emerge from the perianal region of the host. Subsequently they release typical egg packets. On rare occasions, proglottids rupture and egg packets scolex tapeworm seen in stool samples.

Modifică text Cestodele clasa Cestoda sunt o clasă de viermi plați paraziți din încrengătura Platyhelminthes. Adulții acestei clase parazitează tractul digestiv al gazdelor definitive, iar formele larvare parazitează diferite alte organe din corpul gazdelor intermediare. Toate speciile de vertebrate pot fi parazitate de cel puțin o specie de cestode. Din cele peste de specii descrise, câteva parazitează și omul, fie ca gazdă definitivă Taenia solium, T. La gazdele definitive cestodele adulte produc boli numite generic cestodoze [1]din care fac parte: teniazele, difilobotrioza, anoplocefalidoza etc.

Following ingestion of an egg by the intermediate host larval stages of the dog or cat flea Ctenocephalides spp. The oncosphere penetrates the intestinal wall, invades the insect's hemocoel body cavityand develops into a cysticercoid larva.

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The larva develops into an adult, and the adult flea harbours the infective cysticercoid. The vertebrate host becomes infected by ingesting the adult flea containing the cysticercoid. The dog is the principal definitive host for Dipylidium caninum.

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Other potential hosts include scolex tapeworm, foxes, and humans mostly children. Humans acquire infection by ingesting the cysticercoid contaminated flea.

scolex tapeworm

This can be promulgated by close contact between children and their infected pets. In the small intestine of the vertebrate host the cysticercoid develops into the adult tapeworm which reaches maturity about 1 month after infection.

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The adult tapeworms measuring up to 60 cm in length and 3 mm in width reside in the small intestine of the host, where they each attach by their scolex. Scolex tapeworm produce proglottids or segments which have two genital pores hence the name "double-pored" tapeworm.

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Peter Chin-Hong, MD, Helminths Part 3: Flukes and Tapeworms