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    With so many commands at board, still is chaos Them militianmen are spawnin' Them ho's with bage, give share and like If ya have no imaginationgo ahead, become a cop Done nothing in ya life, go ahead be a cop Yo ass licker.

    oxiuros apendicitis

    If ya can't get it up no more, go parazit traducere engleza be a cop If ya want no friendsthan be a cop If ya mommy is a ho and ya father's a communist "Be a copgo ahead be schistosomiasis blood test cop"! I'm Drunkard Paraziți în engleză, i present the raport Cause today i've drunken parazit traducere engleza bottles at them cops Some militia dude showed up, "pumped " by them cheetos TWas a single onebut looked alike twas triplets He gone mad, cause i've robbed the ATM Selfish, parazit traducere engleza they didn't followed me cause paraziți în engleză micii' would've get cold His mind didn't helped him much in the school That's why he's mad If he must be fair, he feels fooled That's why we get erection, ya filthy mouth Ya fuckin dirty comunistfuck off to the parazit traducere engleza Mr Cop i've always respected ya I've told ya that i'm fragileya see Ațiputeafiinteresat.

    paraziți în engleză am invins cancerul