Pancreatic cancer development time,


    Pancreatic cancer is frequently associated with diabetes or glucose intolerance.

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    There are two hypotheses at the base of this observation: either the diabetes cause pancreatic cancer pancreatic cancer development time is a concequences of the cancer. In these theses we studied the patients diagnosticated with pancreatic cancer and with diabetes mellitus type 2.

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    A total of pancreatic cancer cases were identified and 71 patients had diabetes mellitus and 21 patients had glucose intolerance. Mean age In Patients with pancreatic cancer and diabetes mellitus had reduced survival compared with those without diabetes but the difference was not statistically significant.

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    Diabetes mellitus is associated with a decreased survival among patients with pancreatic cancer and reveal a link between chronic glucose intolerance and pancreatic cancer survival. The complex relationship between pancreatic cancer and diabetes requires more clinical research in order to developed new therapeutical posibilities. Keywords: pancreatic cancer; diabetes mielitus; survival; glucose intolerance Issue:Volume 69, Issue 12 Pages:

    pancreatic cancer development time